Auto Accidents & Other Personal Injury Cases

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We at Tuli Law Firm will make you our priority while you make your health your priority.

First and foremost, your health is top priority!  Seek medical help as soon as possible after your car accident, slip and fall, negligent medical treatment, or any other incident at the fault of another.  Failing to seek out immediate medical help will worsen your injuries and can release the other party from liability.  This is why it is important to mitigate your damages.  In other words, you must do what is reasonable to prevent your injuries from becoming worse and more expensive to treat.  Starting treatment immediately is cheaper and speeds up your recovery time.  Also, it will make it easier to connect your injuries to the negligence that caused it.  This is all necessary in order to have a higher chance of recovering from the negligent party.  The first things that you must do is seek out medical help and call Tuli Law Firm immediately.

More importantly, if you do not seek proper medical treatment, you are likely to have  limited or no movement along with constant pain that will worsen over time.  Waiting too long to start treatment can even lead to a lifetime of discomfort and expensive attempts to feel better.  Not seeking immediate treatment for your health and injuries will likely make it difficult for you to care for yourself as well as your family.  This is why it is crucial for you have to make your health is priority!

Remember that you must be careful with who you talk to.  The insurance companies, whether it is the negligent party's or yours, will pressure you to give a statement shortly after the accident.  They do not want to give you the time needed for you seek out medical treatment and realize the severity of your injuries.  These insurance companies do not want to give you the opportunity to find an attorney who keeps your best interest as priority.  Regardless, the negligent party and their insurance company will use your statement against you.  Your insurance company is just as guilty of this.  Call Tuli Law Firm immediately after your accident and before giving your statement. 

Remember that insurance companies do not have your best interest at hand!  Regardless of it being the negligent party's insurance or yours, insurance companies are not concerned for your injuries and expenses! The reasons are that the insurance companies put their own interests first and the adjusters receive incentives for settling for less.  Whether it is the negligent party's insurance or even yours, you will be pushed into accepting a settlement that is be far from covering your expenses.  Tuli Law Firm blocks them from doing this and protects your interests as well as your rights.  

Tuli Law Firm has experiences in handling personal injury cases while keeping costs low for our clients.  We understand that our clients have too much on their minds and need immediate help with their unexpected financial burdens.  We are aware of the manipulative techniques that these insurance companies use for their own gain.  Insurance companies have adjusters, agents, investigators, and legal assistance on its team.  You need to have Tuli Law Firm on yours.  This is why we offer free initial consultations for personal injury cases and even get paid on contingency.  This means that you do not have to pay our attorney's fees unless there is a settlement.

Do not ignore the fact that your health comes first!  Do not wait any longer and call Tuli Law Firm immediately to schedule a free consultation. 

We handle, but do not limit ourselves to, the following types of personal injury cases:

No attorney fee if no recovery. Client is obligated for payment of court costs and all expenses including medical, regardless of recovery.